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COVID -19 Isolation Would making resolutions help you?

It is okay to still not be sure how to do this and not to have a set routine yet, we are all making it up as we go along. It takes time to find a life rhythm that suits you and for once you have the chance to work to your own body clock

After a week of creative inactivity (but lots of reading) I got out the watercolours and sploshed paint on the first piece of paper I found (not up to task) but it allowed me to respond to the gorgeous daffodils in the garden

Later I found some better paper and had another splash

I applied the fast a loose response to some tulips too

And another

Drawing is a good way to spend your time and switch the world off for a bit , You really don't need anything posh - grab the first paper and writing instruments you have to hand and get doodling

Today I decided to day to make two COVID-19 Isolation Resolutions to help stay motivated, they are:

To do daily drawing and/or writing

Produce a weekly blog post

Would making resolutions help you to stay focused?

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