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Ginas' secret Power / Flash Fiction / Childrens' story

Gina frowned at her little brother Ben.

“It’s raining again!!” Wet day outdoor fun games were getting boring.

“It’s time to use the magic lining paper!” she decided, hoping there was still some under the stairs. Ben gave her a puzzled look– he was only four and he had not done this before (what was lining paper?)

Gina dug around in the dusty cupboard squealing happily when she found lining paper rolls and a big tub of wax crayons. Ben helped her roll one out across the hallway using boots at each end to stop it curling; they then sat at the edge with the crayons between them.

“Close your eyes” Gina instructed, “think about where you’d like to be and what you’d like to do, but don’t tell me,” Ben solemnly squeezed his eyes shut.

“Now take a crayon and begin to draw what you are thinking”

They drew quietly for a while, jumping as the drawing suddenly came to life transporting them to a sunny mystical land where they could both ride horses.

“I love my horse he’s called Stan” Ben said excitedly.

Gina smiled happily at him sitting on his rainbow coloured horse. In the distance she could see a castle surrounded by water, there were mountains, fairies, a wizard and pixies. The sun was pink, the clouds were purple.

“Let’s go and have an adventure” she whispered, “I’m so pleased you have the power too”

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