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Specialising in small to medium sized charities I have more than 30 years experience.  My focus  is on developing your skills. and organisation.
Main areas of expertise include:
  • Developing effective funding strategies
  • Writing and improving funding bids
  • Assessing bids
  • Identifying and explaining impact
  • Organisational development
Can I help? 
Let's have a chat and find out -  if not I will try to signpost you to the best source of support for your needs
"I met Louise when she worked for NCVS, she helped my previous organisation identify funders and critiqued bids, including a successful £500k bid to Big Lottery.  When I encountered a capacity problem in my new organisation, Louise stepped in to help keep funding bids flowing.  She researched potential funders; gave useful advice on who to bid to, how to contact them, how much to apply for; and drafted outline bids. She helped me submit ten bids and drafted an eleventh.  This was more than I anticipated she could achieve in the time.  She did valuable investigation work and identifying funders we wouldn’t even have gone for. 
I loved working with Louise: she understood the pressures we were facing and made the process of working with a freelancer easy.  I would willingly use Louise again and happily recommend her to others"
Andrea Perret,  August 2019

Please note I am not taking on new clients currently

"We have worked with Louise McGlen over the last six months and found her knowledge of the funding landscape in Tyneside and Northumbria invaluable.
Funders have been identified for different projects and support has been given with bid writing.
Louise is organised, informed and committed to her relationship with the organisation."
Sue Pearce CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland
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